Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I flipped a switch that said die. Not choosing death for me, but choosing to punish evil. I chose death for him and in that I found a new life.

I didn't think about how he would die when I hit the button. I watched his body liquefy in front of me. I watched him scream in agony. But I had also watched my father die in front of me. That's why I flipped the switch.

I woke up in a cage. I had no idea where I was or even how I got there. I was terrified and when I realized my mother was there, I started to freak out for real. Then we saw the video, the... I'll call them the Instructions. The rules of the game. The JIGSAW TAPE.

When my father died it was like the universe got smaller, darker, and angrier. It was horrible that he died at all -- but the fact that he didn't have to die, the fact that he was murdered -- that made it all the worse. Nothing can make you feel more helpless, insignificant, weak. My mother blamed herself. I blamed myself. We knew he had been murdered and we couldn't do anything about it.

And it's clear to me that he was murdered. Some people have tried to tell me otherwise. They have tried to tell me that it was a system that it was a mistake that it was the way the world works. William Easton was not a system, and he did not make a mistake. He deliberately created a process that would murder my father and others like him.

So I flipped the switch.

This is how the world works: if you do evil, if you hurt others, something -- some one or some force -- will arise and it will take you down.

I chose death for Easton and it brought me life -- I am no longer helpless. No longer weak.

I survived.



  1. Fuck you, Brent. You didn't survive anything. You killed a man who could have changed and appreciated his own life. You're a murderer.

  2. @Killcancerously.

    Oh please, people don't change.
    Remember Amanda?
    Yup she totally changed didn't she?

    I say good on Brent, I applaud his courage. If he hadn't have flipped that switch, let that guy live and watched him just do the whole thing again, how'd you think he'd have felt then?

  3. Nobody cares, Brent. Stop bitching.

  4. You seem to forget that not only did you kill him, but you killed him IN FRONT OF HIS SISTER. Aren't you getting it? You're WORSE than he was. Because you had the intent to kill him, while he didn't harm you intentionally. You're a murderer, Brent. Enjoy your life knowing the darkness within you.

  5. @Alexamdriaweb

    How can you say that people do not change? I never mentioned Amanda, she has some mental conditions, but to say that NONE of the Jigsaw survivors changed because of their test? That doesn't seem fair. And William really did seem to see the error in his ways.

    I don't understand how choosing to kill someone is courageous. Seems more like a monstrosity to me, especially when you do it in front of their only family. Forgiveness for what he had done might have completely changed William's life.

  6. John had a knack for this kind of thing. I love how he attempts to remove himself and the blood on his hands with cold machines. Of course, being a lover of Schadenfreude, I can't help but be a fan of his work and legacy. If you wish to talk to someone further about this and if you can locate him, Lt. Hoffman has been working the Jigsaw cases for some time, I'm sure his insight would be invaluable...if he's not talking out of one side of his face that is.

  7. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you did was a mistake. You WILL be haunted the rest of your life, don't get me wrong. But if you had made the other choice, you'd be haunted by darker ghosts.

  8. easton deserved to get fukked up . karma is no joke . he was being a slut and being a murderer . he deserved all the torture he recieved .

  9. ok this might sound a little crazy but the saw movies are fake an so is jigsaw so stop ubsesing and to the girl who said to talk about drug and alchicol survival try that and stop ubsesing

  10. No Brent, the REAL nature of the world is pitiless and indifferent. There's no such thing as "justice", only vengeance, and what you did was just as Selfish as Easton's entire business process, so don't try to hide from the true nature of your actions. Besides, you were handed the tools of death, you didn't even work for your vengeance and as such you "survived" nothing. Oh and Samantha, it's called imagination, and it's also a creative way of "discussing" the movie events.

  11. I find it amusing that someone who actually types 'ubsesing' with a straight face has made the most intelligent comment in this thread.