Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Bobby is single-handedly showing us the truth. His ordeal has become all of our ordeals, and his coping skills have become like a sharp tool we can all learn to wield.

My own experience at the hands of jigsaw left me mutilated and shaken to my very soul. I lay dying in a room for 12 hours while jigsaw himself lay just feet from me. The architect of so much suffering and transformation, close enough to choke. But yet we did not have a chance to speak. One interacts with Jigsaw through action and blood.

As a doctor I learned to explain devastating facts in a manner that would sound dry, matter or fact, even insipid. No one wants to be told they are dying. But communication was never my job. My job was to cut, to extract, to sew, to prescribe. Never to nurture, or even to heal.

But Jigsaw made it very clear what it feels like to be on the other end. To be told how it is. To be given an impossible choice. To be literally handed a saw and asked to hack off your own foot.

Which I did. To survive.

The story of his ordeal is so vivid, so real. I feel as if I'm right there in the room with him. It's even more real than my own, genuine experience with Jigsaw.

-Dr. Gordon


  1. What about Adam, Dr. Gordon? You swore to send help, what happened?

  2. Dr. Gordon didn't write this...

  3. Welcome back, Dr. G! Glad you survived. (hey if it's fake whatever, have fun with it)

  4. Dr. Gordon, if you decided to sell the movie rights for your story, who would you like to play you in the film? Perhaps that fellow in Robin Hood: Men in Tights? I see more than a passing resemblance.

  5. If jigsaw changed you for the better, to experience every day as if it was your last..... then why are you blogging on blogspot?

    Before the whole ordeal with your foot (sorry to hear about that by the way) you were doing a great job saving lives but now look at you 7pm on a saturday? peak time for accidents and your doing your little blog...

    Shame on you Doctor Gordon, i allays thought you were a sure footed individual.

    Better hop off anyway i have to kick myself in the balls so i appreciate tomorrow

    (i love that people are pointing out that this is fake)

  6. U no what screw this shit. Jigsaw is a madman serial killer who probably suffered from brain injuries after that car crash he had thinking he's "saving" people. C'mon he really needs to face reality like a real man and not hide in a fantasy world isolated from society. If u really want to change to world go into politics or charity or sumthing BENEFICIAL to mankind instead. Oh by the way, if u had some bar of soap or butter by any chance ,u wouldnt have to lose that foot anyhow. ill hunt u down jigsaw I no where u live >:]

  7. Dr Gordon is working for Jigsaw just like Amanda and Hoffman.

  8. Dr. Gordon...

    With one foot, you stepped out of death and into life anew, You have beaten his game, this much is true.

    But now, you sit, on one last dance, to take upon yourself, Jigsaw's stance.

    I saw your work, you thought the film was gone? As you lurched towards the victim, as Jigsaw's pawn?

    Jigsaw was an engineer, not a surgical master, so you played your role, with scalpals and retractor.

    Do you remember the key, you placed under one's eye? or the tape that you place within John's mind?

    Is it game over? or has the game just begun? And tell me dear Doctor... what have you truly won?

  9. Doctor Gordon,
    I respect you and all as a fellow student of the medical arts BUT
    Ever think as to why you were chosen by Jigsaw? Put all personal affinity with him aside.
    You didn't value your family. Your wife told you off before you left her. You claimed you were happy. All a fake masquerade.
    There was a reason he chose you Gordon. Care for your patients, don't treat them like they are just numbers. They have hearts beating just like the one in your rib cage.

  10. Doesn't Dr. Gordon get killed in the second or third Saw?

  11. In the real world, dear Dr. Gordon, ALL life is predatory and "meant" to take other life. The "lust for kindness" that most of us feel is really an adaptation exclusive to social animals, so if you think jigsaw's little torture games can actually change the natural state of the world, then you have another thing coming. Besides, if you really came to appreciate your life, then why are you trying to glorify the actions of the one who put it in danger? Not to mention your OWN family was involved.... are you sure that you (or any other survivor)aren't just going through stockholm syndrome?

  12. Probably should have waited until the movie actually came out before posting this one. Pretty sure, in hindsight, Dr. Gordon would have never written this.

  13. Dr. Gordon......I know who you are. Muahahaha!!!!! love you -The Ghost of Zepp oooohhhhhh! (God I need to get a life -_-)