Thursday, September 30, 2010


Survival means enduring incredible pain. meat hooks tear your flesh. battery acid blinds you. Electrical arcs burn your every nerve. All the mistakes of your life pin you to the cold cement floor and tear you limb from limb.

But none of these torments are as excruciating as the one single revelation that sings in your ear when you have reached the apex of your suffering. It is the revelation that detonates within the survivor, the dirty bomb of self-discovery.

When I awoke to my own excruciating torture, feeling the silver hooks in my body, my first thought was, "Who did this to me, and why?" My own blood soaked my body, my nerves screamed with every cell, and yet louder and clearer than any other signal was this one simple question: WHO?

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  1. Ahh, that's the question. Was it John? Amanda? John's ex? Perhaps another shadowy player, such as one of his victims, brainwashed by the experience. Bobby, you gloss over the single most important fact that I have yet to see addressed: any one of your group may have been recruited by Jigsaw to carry on his legacy! You could be sitting in a room full of people that will take and twist this legacy, spreading it like the cancer that almost claimed John. No, scratch that. Like antibodies attacking the cancers of society, at the risks of your own souls. In order for that room to have survived, others have died, some by your own hands. You're a room full of killers seeking answers, perhaps absolution. Krampus knows about punishing the wicked. I host a show for those in the Real Life Superhero and Supervillan communities. And John Kramer was a supervillain, no doubt of it. But look at the legacy he left behind, etched in your flesh.

    Krampus can help you. Krampus can give you guidance. You simply have to ask.